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Provisions on the protection of privacy on web sites owned or operated by Vitalno Podjetje, d.o.o., Dunajska cesta 120, 1000 Ljubljana, tax number SI58580131, registration number 9451749000 (below "the Company")


"Company" respects the privacy of any individual who visits our sites. The Terms of Service's Privacy Policy describes how data is collected and subsequently used.

Each user uses all the services of the Website owned or operated by the Company at his own risk and fully warrants the legality of the content transmitted to the Site and guarantees any errors in the content or inaccurate information provided by him to the site.


The "Company" will not collect information on its websites that would allow the personal identification of individuals unless they are voluntarily provided. If you do not wish to have access to your personal information, do not share it with us.

The following information is collected through input fields, messages, conversation, surveys, enrollment and other means on the Website:
(a) first and last name,
(b) address and city of residence,
(c) the email address;
(d) the contact telephone number,
(d) the password in encrypted form;
(e) date of birth,
(f) gender,
(g) the status of student, postgraduate student and the validity of the status;
(h) educational establishment, city of education and year of education,
(i) employer, place of work, job and job specifics
(j) purchase or reported activity date, product or activity details,
(k) information on related parties, e.g. in the case of another payer
(l) other information entered by the user into a form on the Website.

If you provide us with your personal information, we will use it for the following purposes, unless otherwise specified:
we may store and process your information to better understand your needs and determine how we can further improve our products and services.
Personalizing your offer to your preferences (your information helps us respond better to your individual preferences).
Improvement of our website (based on the information and feedback we receive from you, we are constantly striving to improve our website and offer).
Improving services (your information helps us respond more effectively to your requirements and needs).
Emailing occasionally. Your Email provides order processing and can be used to send information and make changes to your booking, as well as periodically send newsletters and offers related to new products, special offers, etc. If you would like to unsubscribe from receiving emails in the future, please report it to the email address from which the message was forwarded or to
Occasionally sending sms messages. Your phone number provides order processing and can be used to send information and make changes to your reservation, as well as periodically send newsletters and offers related to new products, special offers, etc. If you would like to unsubscribe from receiving emails in the future, please send this to the phone number from which the sms message was sent or to
Sending activity, purchase, reservation messages
Contacting by phone, sms or email
Forwarding messages from external partners or third parties that are relevant to the operation of the site, application, purchase, booking or otherwise provide a better user experience
Sending written materials and other items (eg tickets) by regular mail to the residence address
Sending written material and other shipments (eg tickets) by regular mail, internal mail or other channels within the company, to the business units or the seat of the employer, in the case of participants through programs for external clients – companies

By accepting the Terms of Use and using the Website, users are aware that "Company" cannot always guarantee the security or privacy of information transmitted over the Internet, telephone or email.

A registered user can request complete or partial (eg: phone number deletion, login history, etc.) deletion of their data from the default system Študentska vadba, Šport na klik or Vitalno Podjetje. The request must be sent in written consent and sent to the e-mail address, or


The site you are currently visiting is partly dedicated and accessible to the general public and partly private and access specific. Certain websites will be protected from time to time by specific privacy safeguards, rather than general ones that will contain specific provisions regarding children and privacy. Parents should be aware that when using their personal information, the "Company" will comply with the Privacy Policy after (ZVOP-1).

It is your responsibility to monitor the use and activity of your children online. If you would like your child to access pages related to the provision of personal information, we recommend that you notify us. If you would like to restrict or disable access to parts of the site by a minor, please let us know.


The "Company" does not intend to collect personally identifiable information from persons under the age of 13. If necessary, the Company will specifically warn children not to provide personal information on our websites, otherwise we will use all reasonable means to obtain parental permission for the information provided. In the case of a user who is a minor between the ages of 13 and 18, we reserve the right to obtain parental or parental consent for the use of portions of the site for which personal information is requested, otherwise, we disable these sections of the page.


In some cases, we may automatically (without the registration process) collect technical information about your visit to our sites, but we cannot use it for personal identification. Examples of such data collection are the identification of the web browser you are using, the identification of the computer operating system you are using, and the address of the website from which you linked to our site.


When you visit one of our websites, we may store certain information on your computer that is archived in the form of cookies. cookies or other similar files, and they can help us in many different ways. Cookies allow us to tailor our site to your desires and preferences. Most Internet browsers allow you to delete cookies from your computer's hard drive, prevent them from storing such files or warn you before saving them. For more detailed instructions on using these features, read the instructions for using your web browser or the help page that your browser provides.

Cookies on our site:
1click2sport User session identification.
allow_cookies Saved choices about allowing cookies.
_ga, _gat Google Analytics Cookies (Google Analytics).


The visitor or user is acquainted with and agrees to the provisions of the policy with each visit to the site, whether or not he logged in to the site using a username and password. The User's right to use the Services of the Website is bound by any subsequent changes or additions to the General Terms of Use of the Website as determined by the publisher.

The "Company" reserves the right to make changes, in whole or in part, to any part of the General Terms and Conditions, which shall normally inform users of the site of the change. The changes are effective from the moment they are posted on the site.

The "Company" agrees that the applicable terms and conditions will always be available on the Website.


This version of the policy is numbered 1.4. and is valid from 27.10.2023.

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